RFID Tunnel

Parking Lots Management

Patrol Tour Managment

Asset Tracking

Superior Tech
Low cost
Easy to use

خدمات شرکت همگی به موقع انجام شدند همین طور خدمات پس از فروش هم تاکنون بسیار عالی ارائه شده اند.

مدیرکل, بانک کشاورزی

The after-sales service is now excellent

production manager, Barfab

خدمات مختلفی تاکنون به این مجموعه ارائه شده است که تامین تجهیزات مربوط به کارت‌شمار از عمده‌ترین آن‌هاست

تامین تجهیزات
دفترمرکزی, تهران

پیچیده ترین الگوی گشت و نگهبانی در این مجموعه با موفقیت انجام شد

سامانه گشت و نگهبانی
کرج, شهرک صنعتی اشتهارد

Why AsaaSoft?

AsaaSoft was established in 2003 in line with its policy makers’ policy of service and with the goal of designing new and integrated IT solutions. Now, after years of operations, hundreds of users are using dozens of companies using modern IT services as well as software services.

AsaaSoft, through the application of global standards and through the development of information technology, tries to develop the business of its customers as its business partners. The most important activity of this company is the provision of financial, administrative, commercial, manufacturing, hardware and network services, as well as modern IT services such as smart tags (RFID).
AsaaSoft, with the help of specialists in the field of information technology, industry and management, has been able to provide branches, as well as agencies, with the sale of products, training, support, after-sales services and services.

AsaaSoft currently holds 3rd special system of the High Council of Informatics with a contract ceiling of 25.5 billion Rials.

Main activities of AsaaSoft

Providing software solutions for organizations, institutions and private companies
• Radio-based systems and RFID solutions
• Specific IT solutions for manufacturing companies – services
• Educational services, deployment and support of software solutions
• Advanced network engineering services, information security and appropriate hardware


Tehran, Shahid Beheshti Street – After Four Way Pasha – No. 185