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Shutters and Blinds control

  By controlling your shutters and blinds you raise your everyday comfort and security. With intelligent shutters and blinds control, you can have great control over all your blinds, shutters, curtains and even marquees. And it doesn’t stop at the most basic functions, but offers much more.


Advantages of shutters and blinds control:

• Centralized control over all blinds
• Ability to control any blind from any point in the house
• Savings in heating and air conditioning thanks to intelligent management of opening and closing the blinds
• Shutters may be controlled individually or in groups. With the flick of a switch you may close one shutter, or open a whole group. For instance you may choose to close all shutters at once when exiting the house.
• Shutters are lowered when the summer sun heats up the rooms too much and are raised when it benefits heating the house during the winter months.
• Shutters, blinds and marquees can be opened and closed fully, in steps or set to any height;
• The system allows for manual and automatic steering as well as remote control by an infrared controller;
• Automatic control can be done in conjunction with the system’s internal time control, or light, temperature and wind sensors;
• During strong winds that could damage the external shutters or marquees, the system may order them to be retracted.
• In the summer months, your blinds can be lowered automatically to prevent excessive heating of the house from sunlight and lighten the work of the AC system, consequently reducing energy consumption.





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